Ip intelligent video management software

Intelligent Video Management Software are software developed specifically for the purpose of security surveillance through IP camera equipment.

These features are included to extend the functionality of the Video Surveillance System. Customers can connect one or several features simultaneously to an IP camera.

Eocortex and Agent VI are two of the few technology groups that incorporate these features into security monitoring technology to create the advantage and optimization of video surveillance capabilities.

Intelligent video management software

EOCORTEX - Intelligent Security Management Software:

Developed from Security Technology Company Eocortex in the Federal Republic of Russia, Eocortex's VMS utilizes the Windows platform to manage Security Monitoring systems at all levels and locations. Like some VMS developers around the globe,Eocortex not only fixes weaknesses of analog security monitoring systems, but also a powerful VMS-based OnVif architecture. Nearly all IP cameras (with OnVif) globally are compatible with Eocortex's VMS. In addition to being able to outrun other rivals globally and improve its surveillance technology, Eocortex has added many smart features to its VMS portfolio.


Intelligent Modules

In order to expand the functionality of the video surveillance system, you may connect intelligent modules to Eocortex's IP camera software.

People Counting License Plate Recognition 
Face Detection Crowd Monitoring
Suspect Search
Face Recognition
Loud Sound Detection Sabotage Detection
Tracking PTZ Camera Control
Heat Map Audio Stream Processing
People Counting in Queue Personnel Monitoring
Smoke and Fire Detection Abandoned Object Detection
Fisheye Dewarping Suspect tracking

Eocortex allows customers to own a lifetime license when activated. The copyright ID and licenses will be kept by the customer. Even when customers upgrade or reinstall Windows for Server / PC, need support from us (DNC Technology and Eocortex), the customer is still reactivated.

Eocortex's VMS has 4 license packs: ML, LS, ST and Ultra. At present, we allow customers to upgrade from low (ST) to high-end (ST) packages when customers are looking to upgrade their security system.  

Licensing in Eocortex software suite

Eocortex license type Eng

1    3    2

4    5

  • Quickly identify risks, create immediate, timely action.
  • Events, risks are communicated to the manager that will display the image or video in real-time.
  • Significant cost savings on human resources.
  • Protect property, people in an organization.
  • On the commercial side, many features have a positive impact on improving marketing and business practices (People Counting; People Counting in Queue; Personnel Monitoring; Heat Map).
  • Absolutely no use of sensor sensors. However, these intelligent features have been developed to be able to connect to the sensor sensor when the customer needs it.
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