Facial recognition

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Facial Recognition is a technology that is being used quite commonly in developed countries. This technology is capable of identifying or confirming a person from a previously sampled digital image or from a frame in another video source.

Face technology is the least user-biometric technology and the fastest biometric technology. Managers can be more proactive in controlling, the system will recognize the face in a private way by capturing the faces of people who enter a designated area from the surveillance camera. This technology does not require interaction (of the person who wants to enter the area) and has no delays. In many cases, the object is completely ignorant of the process. They do not feel "supervised" or that their privacy is compromised.

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How to work
The process by which biometric face recognition works include:

  • Sampling: By surveillance cameras or a device with the same function.
  • Analysis: The data (mentioned above) will be extracted from the images, samples.
  • Comparison: The data obtained will be compared to the data in the database.
  • Output: The system then determines whether the results are appropriate.

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When the subject reaches the scanning range of the camera, the system automatically locates the face and performs algorithms to extract the facial data. During the move, the subject will help the system more easily identify the face. All processes above take no more than 2 seconds.

  • Facial recognition technology has many advantages that other authentication methods do not
  • One of the positive aspects of face recognition is that the system does not need human interaction,
  • It does not require the user to wait in the long run or do anything other than look at the camera.
  • Enhance security in the security system through the camera.
  • Ready to connect to Access Control.
  • Report unauthorized access.
  • Attendance control; Record logs and manage incoming and outgoing visitors in the area (buildings, resorts, ...)
  • Create groups with access or restricted access.
  • Allows to search by report format: Time / Camera / Group / Name.

Place to Use
  • All of this makes face recognition ideal for high traffic areas open to the general public, such as:
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Corporations
  • Cashpoints
  • Stadiums
  • Public transportation
  • Financial institutions
  • Government offices
  • Businesses of all kinds
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